Subject: Proposed Guidelines for AI

Intelligence/Machine Learning Applications Guidelines for the Philippine College of Radiology (proposed draft as of June 23, 2018)Regarding this proposed draft:–This draft is loosely based on the GOOGLE AI principles found at which was posted by Sundar Pichai (google CEO) on June 7, 2018.–This is only a guide and not an absolute in the development of AI/ML … Read moreSubject: Proposed Guidelines for AI

PBR I 2019

Download file: PBR I EXAMINATION APPLICATION FORM 2019.pdf Download file: PBR-I-EXAMINATION-CONFORME-FOR-FMG-March-15-2017.pdf Philippine Board of Radiology Examination PART I Announcement DATE OF PBRE PART I:   JUNE 15, 2019 (SATURDAY) VENUE:  TO BE ANNOUNCED TIME:   7:00 AM ONWARDS Coverage: Radiation Physics Applied to Diagnostic Imaging Applied Anatomy in Diagnostic Imaging Medical Diagnostic Imaging Procedures – Principles, Techniques, … Read morePBR I 2019