2017 Comelec Rules and Regulations

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  1. Only members who are in good standing will be allowed to nominate/ be nominated to the Board of Directors.
  2. Nominations to the PCR Board of Directors must be received by any member of the COMELEC 30 days prior to the convention, JANUARY 16, 2017.
  3. All nominees must be in good standing in the Philippine College of Radiology for the last 5 years. He/She should not have been convicted of criminal case/s or complaint in the PCR Ethics Committee.
  1. Nominees must accept / acknowledge the nomination at least 15 days prior to the PCR annual convention through a written consent signed by him and should be accompanied by short resumé in this form :


  1. Full Name and Recent Photo
  2. Date Passed the PBR
  3. Date when PCR status was granted
  4. Membership to PCR Subspecialty Societies (if any)
  5. Name of Hospital Affiliation
  6. Person who Nominated him/her
  7. The list of all qualified nominees will be posted in strategic locations of the convention site. It will also be projected in the advertisement loop for all members to see.
  8. In the event that the elected Board of Directors decides to resign, the replacement for the vacant position must come from the short list of qualified nominees for the PCR election of that year.
  9. Members in good standing are qualified to vote during the election of Board of Directors.
  10. Members can cast their ballots until 1200H on the day of the scheduled General Membership Business Meeting, FEBRUARY 17, 2017.
  11. All ballots will be counted. Ballots that contain more than the number of slots will be considered void.