Shortlist of Diplomates for the 2016 PCR Oral and Poster Presentation

Shortlist of Diplomates for the 2016 PCR oral and poster presentation

  1. BRAÑA, Buena Marie B.
  2. CERCADO,  Wilhermina Anne C.
  3. CERVILLON,  Glendalyn
  4. LADIA, Kathryn M.
  5. MANGADA, Regina Cristina Q.
  6. NARCISE, Lemuel M.
  7. NAVA,  Regina C.
  8. NUÑEZ, Roscel APRIL
  9. RABANES, Citadel
  10. SAGPAO,  Froilan N.
  11. SOMERA, Janette P.
  12. YU, David Dean N.

Please re-write paper (after review with a grammarian) with no identifying marks of hospital (use “tertiary hospital” if there is a need to refer to the hospital) and author names, Times New Roman Font 12 pt, double spaced and email to by December 9, 2015.

The front sheet may contain the names of the authors and hospital.   The top 5 will be selected will present his/her paper orally on February 18, 2016 at Marriott Hotel Manila. Each one should also prepare/design his or her research poster.  Poster details to follow.

Malou Lacanilao MD
Research Committee Chair