2015 RTC Schedule updated : 3-10-2015

2015 RTC Schedule updated : 3-10-2015

2015 RTC Schedule based on the generic rtc schedule with updates
(Note: any changes to be made will be announced beforehand; pls note dates and see if they are not in conflict with your hospital sked and inform RTC as soon as possible )

updated : 3-10-2015

b. January

i. 31 (last Saturday): First scientific meeting c/o Officers: parp pedia@
Phil Heart Ctr.
N= 348

and BOB elimination (3pm)
1-5 top scores
slmc Qc


c. February

i. 26 to 28 (4th week thurs fri sat ): PCR annual convention,
-BOB finals
slmc Qc
southern Mindanao group
1st -nkti
2nd -eamc
3rd -uppgh
-RTC gen assembly
N=38 TOs and ATOs
– research competition poster and oral (1st:)
-DPBR and FPCR , FPROS oath taking


d. March

i. 13 (2nd friday) : Deadline of submission of scientific papers for PBR and fpcr
pbr I -Proposal N=
pbr II/ III – Finished paper N=
fpcr -Proposal (recommended )
ii. 8 (2nd sunday) : 1st Inservice Exam Pedia PARP moved to April 12.


e. April

i. 25 (last saturday): 2nd Scientific Meeting Pulmo/Cardio, c/o Group 3 N=
ii. 12 1st Inservice Exam Pedia PARP


f. May

i. 10 (2nd sunday): 2nd Inservice Pulmo/Cardio
ii. 15 (3rd friday): deadline for RTC clearance requirements for PBR 1


g. June

i. Tba ctmrisp 1st sci mtg slmc Qc
ii. Tba PBR1
N applicants=
N passers=
iii. 6 (1st saturday): GUT and women’s imaging 3rd sci mtg
iv. Tba (last friday): Deadline for finished papers for FPCR status


h. July

ii. 26 (4th Sunday , instead of 3rd sunday due to long weekend): 3rd Inservice GU/Womens


i. August

i. 8 (2nd saturday): 4th scientific meeting GIT/MSK – Group 4
ii. Tba : USP exam
iii. tba ctmrisp 2nd sci mtg slmc Qc
iv. Tba deadline for fpcr membership


j. September

i. 11 (2nd friday): deadline of RTC clearance requirements for PBR II/III
ii. 20 (3rd sunday): 4th inservice examination, GIT/MSK


k. October

i. 10 (2nd saturday): 5th scientific meeting Neuro/Head and Neck Group 1
ii. Tba (3rd friday): deadline of PBR clearance requirements for PBR II/III (TBA, will wait for pbr examiners’ decision)
iii. 15-17 Joint ctmrisp-usp annual convention
FCTMRISP and USP oath taking
iv. Tba deadline for FPCR membership application


l. November

i. 8 (2nd sunday): 5th In service examination, Neuro/ Head and Neck
ii. tba (3rd saturday): BOB elimination-

2015 Chief Res Council
​President:​​PGH – Ramon Martin F. Banez
​Vice President 1:​UST – Aileen C. Lam
​Vice President 2:​UERM – Juancho A. Corpuz
​Secretary:​​NKTI – Yolanda Estrella
​P.R.O. 1:​PHC – Raneil Joseph F. Bautista
​P.R.O. 2:​CSMC – Michael Y. Pineda