2015 PBR III Announcement

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1. In light of the papal visit, several adjustments were made to the schedule of the PBR examination Part III as reflected in the following:

a.  ALL sessions of the ORAL examination EXCEPT THE RECALLS will be conducted on Day 1 (Saturday, January 17, 2015).  The examinees will be distributed into eight (8) groups.  Each one will be required to be at the venue 30 minutes prior to his/her group’s schedule.   Those examinees who will be assigned slots in the evening or late in the afternoon do NOT need to come in early or stay at the Ateneo School of Medicine.

b.  The AuntMinnie’s portion will be conducted in the morning of Day 2 (Sunday, January 18, 2015) at the 5th  floor lecture room. This will be followed immediately by the RECALLS session.

2.  SCHEDULE.  Please note that the group assignments will be released ONE DAY before the orals.

Day 1 (Saturday, January 17, 2015)

6:00-7:00 AM Breakfast
7:00-7:10 Instructions
7:10-8:30 Group  1
8:30-8:40 Instructions
8:40–10:00 Group 2
10:00–10:20 Break/Snacks
10:20–10:30 Instructions
10:30–11:50 Group 3
11:50–12:00 PM Instructions
12:00–1:20 Group 4
1:20–1:40 LUNCH
1:40–1:50 Instructions
1:50–3:10 Group 5
3:10–3:20 Instructions
3:20–4:40 Group 6
4:40–5:00  Instructions/Snacks
5:00–6:12 Group 7
6:12–6:30 Instructions
6:30–7:42 Group 8

 End of exam

Day 2 (Sunday, January 18, 2015)

7:00–8:00 AM  Breakfast
8:00–10:00 AuntMinnie’s
10:00-11:00 RECALLS/ Snacks

Please note that the meal schedule indicated above is for the examiners and does NOT necessarily apply to examinees.  Meals may be served in the cafeteria at the usual time.

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