The 67th PCR Fellowship Night shall once again showcase the “hidden” talents of the members of the PCR subspecialties and Chapters, through teamwork and participation in this friendly competition with the theme, PCR GOES DISNEY!

1. Groupings, Categories, Prizes and Criteria

(a) Groupings

The subspecialty or chapter will form a group, which consists of at least 10 participants. Consultants are encouraged to be the main performers for additional points. Residents and fellows can join and help. Allied professionals (rad-techs, medical staff, nurses, etc.) and non-PCR members are not allowed to join.

(b) Major Prize category

1st PRIZE: Php 20,000; 2nd PRIZE: Php 10,000; 3rd PRIZE: Php 5,000

(c) Minor Categories

  1. Best Poster – to highlight the characters the group is portraying. Poster size is 2.5 ft x 6 ft
  2. Stars of the Night: male & female
  3. Best performer of the night (consultant)

(d) Criteria for judging

Best group performance will be judged based on Overall performance, Audience Impact, Stage appearance (1 point per consultant rule; a list of characters/performers should be provided with their designation i.e. Consultant, resident, etc. prior to the performance; consultants should take a bow and be recognized after the group’s performance), Interpretation of the Theme and Entertainment value and Musicality and expression for a total of 100%. There will be an automatic 5-points deduction if performance, clearing, and setup time exceeds allotment.

2. Presentation Choice and Condition

  • No Duplication Rule – Representatives of each group will draw lots to know the theme of their performance.

a. Little Mermaid
b. Beauty and the Beast
c. Pocahontas
d. Mulan
e. Hercules
f. Frozen
g. The Lion King
h. Aladdin

If there will be any change of Disney animation theme, please inform Fellowship Committee head (katleyag@yahoo.com) on or before OCTOBER 31, 2014.

  • 10-Minute Rule – A maximum of 10 minutes total running time is given for each performance. An ample time will be given for clearing of props after each performance (3 mins) and for the next group to set up theirs (7 mins).
  • Venue and Final Blocking. No rehearsal will be allowed in the venue.
  • Contact Person – Each group must appoint one contact person with whom the Fellowship Committee can communicate and coordinate with their words and decisions shall be considered binding to the group they represent.
  • Seed Money – Once each participating group has provided their required information on or before October 31, 2014 (i.e. list of participants, audiovisual and physical arrangement needs), PCR will provide PHP 15,000 to defray the cost of expenses.

3. Panel of Judges – Three (3) major celebrity/non-radiologist judges will be invited to give fair and unbiased choice of winners.

EVERYONE is encouraged/enjoined to come in their favorite Disney character costume. Those in costume will be the only ones included in the raffle and prizes.


Philippine College of Radiology goes Disney!
Philippine College of Radiology goes Disney!


For inquiries, contact the PCR Secretariat.