***Theme: Oncologic imaging: All eyes on the big C
Colors of the world thru the Ages

February 15, 2018 Thursday
6:30 in the evening
Attire: Male: coat and tie; Female: evening gown or Cocktail wear


— Each group will draw lots for the folk dances AND era/decade for which a visual presentation/background will be played during the presentation as to happened in radiology in that era.
* Please provide contact or point person for communication with the fellowship committee.
* The groupings will be based on the PCR chapters. The composition of the performers per group shall be consultants, residents and fellows and REGISTERED rad techs, can likewise join and help in presentation. Each group shall assigned one contact person with whom the committee on fellowship shall communicate. Only registered Rad techs can join.

— November 5 draw lots for each groups

Northern Luzon
Central Luzon
Southern Luzon
Cebu chapter
Southern Mindanao

The following are the choices for the popular folk dances , their assigned era and assigned chapters:

1) Brazil -samba (PCR-SLC) ;late 1800s-1900s
Brazil – capoeira
Samba + capoeira
2) Turkey- Halay (vacant)
3) India- Bhangra (PCR-NCR 1{cluster #3-4}); 1920s-30s
India- bharatanatyam
4) Ireland – step dance
5) Italy – Tarantella (PCR-CebuC); 1940s-50s
6) Cuba- Casino (vacant)
7) South Africa-Gumboot (vacant)
8) Japan – Odori (PCR-NLC);1950s-60s
9) Ukraine – Cossack
10) Spain – Flamenco
11) Hawaii- Hula (PCR-NCR1{cluster1-2}) ; 2000s
12) Egypt- Baladi belly dance-(PCR-SMC);1970s-80s

— After all groups have drawn, a Swap or change of their presentation theme and era can be allowed but must notify fellowship committee first.

—Traditional and Modified performances are allowed i.e. remix music

— Time limit for each performance is 10 minutes starting from the dance (not the intro MTV). If over 10 minute performance, automatic 5 point group deduction.


1.Group presentation and performance (40%)- includes execution/ stage presence.

2..Appropriateness of Dance (20%)- coherence to the assigned dance

3.Audience impact (20%)-likability of the viewers/attendees.

4.Costume (20%)- includes props, lighting, make up and costume.

5.Deductions (5 points each) if the presentation exceeds 10 minutes/ prolonged set up and clearing of the props and or allowing non PCR members or medical staff to perform

More points if more consultants will join

—Mr and Ms Radiology per chapter (Muse and escort)

Mr and Ms radiology will introduce the group then after group performance. There will be a question and answer portion while the group performers are cleaning up the dance floor or setting up props.
1. what is the most valuable contribution of your chapter?
2. What is the most Relevant event for radiology in your decade?

—Best performer of the night Mr and Ms (c/o fellowship night committee)

— Major prizes got group performance are:
20 k check with trophy
15 k check with trophy
10 k check with trophy
1 k w/sash and lei/bouquet each for Mr and Ms Radiology
1 k w/sash and lei/bouquet each for Mr and Ms Best Performer of the night

— There will be 3-4 celebrity/non-radiologist judges

— Intermission numbers from the following: possible
UP filipiniana to perform Philippine folkdance
Light dance show
Violin and saxophone during dinner

— Now showing wall will be up (c/o Westline) for the Best in Poster contest. Prize for the winner will be 2 K (judge c/o Sankem)

— All groups are required to submit their audio visual presentation 1 week before the fellowship night otherwise 5 point group deduction

— A list of all participants in the group performance and Mr and Ms Radiology must be submitted 1 week prior otherwise 5 point group deduction

— All participants must be registered in the annual convention especially for the performing rad techs, otherwise 5 point group deduction

— Stage and dancefloor can be both used for performance.

— Night before practice/blocking may be allowed if the fellowship night committee will be advised 1 week before. Each group will be given 15 minutes only. Last minute reservations will be the last priority.