PCR Advisory Regarding USP Resolution

The following advisory is being released as a response to inquiries and complaints made to the Board of the Philippine College of Radiology regarding the Board Resolution recently released by the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines. It has been reviewed by all the members of the Board of Trustees of the PCR, its advisers and its legal counsel.

“ The Philippine College of Radiology (PCR) recognizes the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines (USP), as one of its Subspecialty Organizations, which was formed under its auspices and which consists of Fellows of the PCR. Regarding the recently released  Board Resolution of the USP (please see attached), the PCR does not see any concrete violation of any provision of the by-laws of the 2012 PCR Constitution (currently in force- please see attached) due to the said USP Board Resolution. Any PCR member who has a contrary opinion is advised to send a written Letter of Complaint to the PCR Board citing the violated provision of the by-laws of the 2012 PCR Constitution. This shall then be deliberated upon by the PCR Board and appropriate response and action shall be taken as deemed necessary.”

“ The PCR also recognizes that the USP despite being one of its subspecialty organizations,  is a separate entity with its own Constitution and By-laws and SEC Registration. Any member of the USP who feels that the Board Resolution violates a provision of the by-laws of the USP Constitution (please see attached) is advised by the PCR to first seek redress by writing a letter of complaint or protest to the Board of the USP, citing the violated provision.


Download: PCR Advisory regarding USP Resolution