Rules and Regulations for the Elections of the Remaining Four PCR Board of Trustees/Directors


  1. Election Date and Venue:  May 11, 2014 in PCR Office from 0800H – 1500H.
  2. Notification of Incoming Elections of Board of Trustees to all members in good standing must be send within the prescribed period of one (1) month before election date thru registered mail, PCR websites and possibly to a newspaper of national circulation.
  3. Chapter Presidents are deputized to collect and collate all submitted proxy forms and bring it to PCR Office during Election Day, May 11, 2014.
  4. Proxy forms must be signed over the printed name of the member in good standing and must be submitted to the Chapter President or his/her authorized representative.
  5. The completed proxy forms may be submitted individually or thru the Chapter president.
  6. The vote of the member who has the proxy forms and the voting member should be the same.
  7. Canvassing of Votes would start after 1500H sharp
  8. List of Candidates:
    1. Maureen Salarda
    2. Stephe Pe
    3. Yvette Barnabe
    4. Noli Almazan
    5. Eugene Dy
    6. Dr Sta. Ana
  9. Chapter Presidents are required to submit all the proxy forms signed by the member in good standing and vote. A subsidy from the PCR for the expenses incurred by the Chapter Presidents in the performance of his/her duty would be provided (only with official receipts).

Danilo R Sacdalan MD FPCR
Chairman, PCR Comelec
April 10, 2014

*The COMELEC has the sole power to approve / disapprove the nomination to Board of Trustees and how the elections will be carried out.