PCR Photocontest 2019 Official Rules

(Sponsored by Eizo)

1. Entry to this Photography Contest is open only to all Residents, Diplomates and Fellows of the Philippine College of Radiology. To qualify, all participants of this photography contest must be duly registered and attend the 2019 PCR Annual Convention. The entries of a non-registered participant will be disqualified.

2. A participant can submit a maximum of three (3) photography entries only.

3. Photographs must be original and must be the participant’s own work. Photographs may be in color or monochrome.

4. The 2019 Philippine College of Radiology Photography Contest theme for this year is “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. There will be two categories: Non Smartphone (DSLR, Point and Shoot, Mirror less, Drone, GoPro, etc.) and Smartphone Category (Cellphones, iPad, iPod, etc.)

5. A participation fee of Php 200 will be required PER photo submitted. (i.e. Php 600 for 3 photos submitted) A scan or photo of the deposit slip should be attached to the email entry. Payment will be made through the following account:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Name: Philippine College of Radiology
Account Number: 3141 0747 59

6. Submission of photographs will be digital via email. Kindly send your photos via attachment through email to pcr.photocontest@gmail.com in line with the following format:

Image files should be attached to the email and should be in Jpeg format.
Ensure that photos are in high resolution. It is recommended to submit at least a file size of 2 MB for Non Smartphones and 1 MB for Smartphones to ensure high image quality. Image file size should not exceed 10 MB.
Portrait or Landscape Orientation is allowed.
Strictly NO WATERMARKS are allowed. No form of any marking or text should be added to the image.
Kindly rename the photo’s file name in the following format: Category Code_ Last name, First Letter of First Name _ Photo Number.jpeg

(Note: Category Code would be S for Smartphone, NS for Non Smartphone. Photo Number would be 1, 2, and 3 depending on the number of photos submitted)

For Example: John Santos submitting a Non Smartphone Category
Photo would have a file name as follows: NS_Santos_J_1.jpeg

Email Subject should be “PCR Photo Contest 2019”. The body of the email should include the ff:
Name of Participant
Designation (Resident, Diplomate, Fellow)
Hospital Affiliation
Contact Number
Home address
Entry Number with corresponding Title, Category, and File Name (See below)
Sample: 1. Peace – Non-smartphone Category – NS_Santos_J_1.jpeg

7. Entries should be appropriate for the general audience. The PCR Photography Contest Committee reserves the right to reject any inappropriate photograph entries. Ensure that proper consent is secured from the subjects, or guardians of the subjects if minors, whose faces would appear in the photo if shot in close-up.

8. Deadline of submission is on January 31, 2019 at exactly 11:59 pm. Emails sent after the said time would not be accepted.

9. In the event that there are more than 25 entries per category, the judges would pre-select 25 photos per category that would enter the final round of judging.

10. The submitted photos will be exhibited digitally at the Photography Contest section at the Philippine College of Radiology Annual Convention 2019.

11. Ensure that all email entries have complete details, properly labeled photos and required attachments (Deposit Slip, Consent).

There will be 5 winners per category. Prizes would be as follows:

Non Smartphone Category

First Place: Php 10,000 + Trophy
Second Place: Php 7,000 + Certificate
Third Place: Php 5,000 + Certificate
Consolation Prize (2 Winners): Php 2,500 each

Smartphone Category

First Place: Php 8,000 + Trophy
Second Place: Php 5,000 + Certificate
Third Place: Php 3,000 + Certificate
Consolation Prize (2 Winners): Php 2,000 each

13. Winners will be announced at the Annual Convention after all entries are judged.